• Selene Astarte

Wake Up Your Mojo

“What in the heck is mojo?” For me, mojo is the happiness and meaning attached to activities that excite and motivate us and that contribute to our overall health and well-being. We all have two kinds of mojo—professional and personal. I’m sure there is more, but I’ll focus on these two for this blog.

Professional mojo consists of the motivation, knowledge, ability, confidence, and authenticity that we bring to an activity. Personal mojo consists of the happiness, rewards, meaning, learning, and gratitude that activities bring us.

At times we might feel stuck or as if we are in a rut. Life might move from verve and spice to vanilla and tasteless. These are signs that our mojo is going, going, or possibly even gone. At this point, we’ve lost our energy and passion for life. Our giddyup has gone, our drive has been driven, and we now have two flat tires. Accompanying this lack of spirit is the utter lack of any charm, grace, or magic in anything we encounter.

We feel lost, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled while we wait for someone or something to pull us up and out of the mud and muck that has become our life. In this state, we distance ourselves further and further from our own reality, possibly developing bad habits that push us further down in the mud and pull our blinders more tightly around our face. Now, we are merely going through the motions of life, because everything around us has become a burden.

Feeling out of balance is a major wake-up call that we need change in our lives. It is time to begin a vision quest to find and reclaim our mojo.

Where do we look when our mojo disappears? Where does mojo go anyway? And why did it even leave when we need it the most?! It might be that our mojo is merely asleep and only needs to be awakened. Now, if it’s a light sleeper, then this is an easy task. However, if your mojo is in a catatonic state, it’s going to take much more to wake it up and get it going. But have heart! Our mojo never really walks away and abandons us. Sometimes it just gets tired of waiting around for us to acknowledge it, and it falls asleep. The longer it sleeps, the harder it is to wake it up. So let’s go! Let’s shake things up a bit and let's get that mojo moving!

Finding, keeping, and balancing our mojo, both personal or professional, is what this series is about.

For songs to inspire you and help you keep the faith in yourself and in the world, try listening to John Legend & The Roots - "Wake Up Everybody" ft. Melanie Fiona and Common; Michael Franti & Spearhead - "The Sound of Sunshine"; or Muddy Waters - "Got My Mojo Working."

What's going on in the skies today? August begins with a green light to move forward as Mercury is now direct, and a Leo New Moon sets the stage for new possibilities. This ensures us that August will let us put the past to rest. It's now time to move on!

Remember, you’re not alone. I’m here to help you get your mojo working!

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