• Mystie Raven

Ritual Increases During COVID-19

Did you know that Anthropologists who study cultures and ritual have found that these activities spike during times of heightened duress and stress? This is true even during times of warfare, environmental threat and material insecurity. Responding to the coronavirus pandemic, most American universities have cancelled all activities, religious organizations have suspended regular services, and the list goes on. Rituals provide a sense of control in a world of chaos. They also provide meaning and make special experiences memorable. During this time of social distancing, I recommend a virtual, spiritual gathering with a small group of those you regularly practice with. I did with my spiritual group "Circle of Many Waters". We went deeply inward to gather our power together to create soundness, protection, strength and healing. We laughed, we talked about our fears, we offered ideas for one another to get through this, we honored the Divine for guiding and loving us. It was serene and beautiful. Blessed Be . . .

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