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Imbolc - "in the Belly"

Imbolc is an ancient Celtic Tradition honoring Mid-Winter where the days become longer a little at a time. Other names and celebrations for the light coming are: Candlemas and St. Brigid's day where the Christians sainted the Goddess Brigid who was revered in Ireland.

During this time the Celts honored and celebrated the first stirrings of life! Lambs being born, and even wild garlic bursting through the snow brought promise and hope for warmer, brighter days! This meant gardening and food for the villages. Bonefires were lit, young girls traveled house to house carrying dolls made of straw or oats representing Brigid to offer blessings.

Think about what you "planted" last year, and what nourishment you need to grow it!

Bright Blessings!

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