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"Guilt" as Motivator - no more!

Today I wasn't feeling well so I let my manager know I wasn't able to come into work. Over the many, many years of working, I rarely call in sick, but today I felt an overwhelming need to stay home. I couldn't believe how guilt washed over me. I really wasn't feeling well from what I was experiencing during the night. I wasn't barfing my guts out; I wasn't hacking up mucous; I didn't have a migraine . . . it was just a sleepless, disturbing night. Why did I feel guilty? Well, I decided to light a black candle engraved with my own words "Banish Guilt as Motivator", I anointed it with Cedar essential oil, I played calming, spa-like music and began writing in my journal. After a few hours, a calming peace came over me and I felt an inner joy filling an empty space in my soul. I learned that some "sicknesses" just can't be explained and the only remedy is to have a soulful day of deliciousness with Self. I broke that chain of guilt and felt incredible relief!!! I highly recommend this!

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